M102 aya haman M101 ast?
What is the official numerical designation for this galaxy?.Apparently,their was a equal amount of confusion starting with the discoverer and the catalog author.Their was/is much speculation as to the actual identity of this object.It is thought that M102 and M101 are the same object,due to the failure of verifying M102’s actual position.If you have ever seen pictures of these galaxies,you know for sure that,their is no way that these are the same galaxies!!!.It has also been said that it was possible that M102 and the Spindle galaxy are the same object?.I can understand how this could be possible,since the both of them are very similar in shape and size.However,both M102 and the Spindle galaxies are in different areas of the sky.M102 is located in the constellation Ursa major and the Spindle galaxy is located in the constellation Draco.Also,the orientation of the two galaxies are different.Which brings a question.What is it and what is the official name of this galaxy?.

Any thoughts???.
Object name: M 102
Object type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 9.9
Size: 6.5'x3.1'
Position angle: 128°

Position information
Apparent RA: 15h 6m 45s
Apparent Dec: +55° 44' 1"
Constellation: Draco


Object name: M 101
Object type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 7.5
Size: 28.8'x26.9'
Position angle: 26°

Position information
Apparent RA: 14h 3m 31s
Apparent Dec: +54° 18' 50"
Constellation: Ursa Major
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